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A year after

(This is supposed to be for yesterday,but again I forgot to schedule this post,hehe.)

Did Pres. Noynoy really fail the Filipinos? Or it’s just us who set too high expectations of the Aquino administration,thus we get disappointed?

These have been playing in my mind after watching TV documentaries and reports assessing the first year of Pres. Noynoy. Surveys and interviews are emerging,mostly sentiments of frustrations,few of positive feedbacks.

Basically,when we discuss of government,it does not solely refer to the ruling party of a state or any community,but it also includes the people being governed. Thereupon, we,along with the President’s team shall then be both assessed for the administrative year 2010-2011.

What really made Noynoy our 15th president was his undoubting passion for public service which has been imparted by his parents. Way back on 2009,after Cory’s death,Noynoy was not really assuming presidency.But because he has been taught that it must be "Motherland first before anything else.",he set aside all personal endeavors. In order to heed the call of the sentimental Filipinos during then,he ran and eventually won. 

A year after,Pres.Noynoy may had been sincerely serving the Filipinos,but he had never yet led the country to what he promised his so called 'Tuwid na daan' (Right path). The fact is,he is more of a servant,but he is less than of a leader. As a result,various men and women around Pres. Noynoy seemingly make him as a puppet doll.

Regarding our participation as this republic’s people,I think we expected too much of the Aquino administration,thus we get dismayed. Pres. Noynoy by nature is a promising speaker. With his charisma,wit,fluency in English and Filipino and his sense of humor,he can instantly win our favor. After his 12-minute speech at the Quirino grandstand,exactly a year ago,now we’re all asking where are those words.

Media also takes part in this not-so-satisfied rating of the current administration. News have always been reported overrated and sensationalized,overlooking other facets of every issue and some accomplishments. Another factor is today’s offer of expression privileges. A lot talk about issues,yet rarely listen to sources. A lot post about their views yet seldom read the whole story.

A year after,what shall then we do next? I think Pres. Noynoy’s team must now work with their plans B or C,for seemingly plan A didn’t work. Likewise,we must then refrain from the trending exchanging of rants over socio-political matters and be part of the solutions for the common good. It’s also about time to cooperate with the next years of Pres. Aquino’s term. After all,his defeat is ours,and in his victory,we also share. For we are all in the same boat,we’re all Filipinos,hoping for a better Philippines. 

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