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  • 25th August
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Do you know Steve Jobs?

Just woke up and found out that Steve Jobs just resigned as the CEO of Apple. He has always been so inspiring and I want to re-share this post.


If you really do,I’m so sure you’ll read this.If it happens you don’t,I advice not to let this post taken for granted.

Basically Steve Jobs is known as the CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios. He’s just the man behind iPod,iPhone,iPad and even more to come. He has contributed eminently to the advancement of computer programming,technology and digital animation. Indeed,one of the omnipotent, widely-known businness executives.

Yet,what really made him promising is his background.

Born on February 1955,from a poor family,Steve Jobs biological parents had him adopted by a lower-middle-class family. He went to Reed College,but he dropped out in order to help his parents financially. He never finished college then.

He worked with Steve Wozniak and started assembling Apple computers. The rest was history,but he was even fired from his own company. He set up a new company: NeXT and got back to Apple. By 2003,he merged Pixar with Disney.

He got pancreatic cancer. Nevertheless,he survived and succeeded through following his heart,what he really loves to do.

I supposed to catch-up with dramas this Sunday,but upon browsing today’s broadsheet. I came across Steve Jobs’ commencement address,delivered in Stanford University on June 12,2005,where he was invited as the guest speaker. By merely reading the excerpt,I was so astonished. As I quote:

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. 

Eventually after reading the whole speech (here),I got much inspired and even so moved. I actually can’t get enough thus I also did a quick research of his bio and ended up like this,sharing to the whole world the story of this great man: Steve Jobs.

  • 10th August
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Confessions of a Happier Person

Feels like re-sharing a personal belief in these toughest times for most of us. Several bad news in and outside the country which at both partial and absolute ways do affect us. Nevertheless,bearing the faith within,that these struggles shall also pass. For there are still countless things to be grateful for and to be happy about.

For most to be happy is a wish. Others say to be happier is a miracle. While some believe that to be happiest is a dream.

If being happier is a miracle,then Forest Gump’s mother is right when she reminds her son in that 1994 Oscar’s Best Picture, that “Miracles happen everyday.”. For it is possible,people can actually see each day better than yesterday and so with tomorrow can be better than today. 

Always choosing to be happy is the first step then. Instead of merely believing happiness through mind,believe it by heart. Believing by heart that one can be happier will gradually make him view things in deeper perspectives,speak of good words and do things in the name of love. Unlike when he just thinks of happiness,it’ll just stay in his mind and no magic afterwards.

Being happier is a constant life-witnessing of appreciation,gratefulness and positive possibilities. It must not be quantified and shall not depend on things which will easily perish,not even on the approval of the world or on gaining people’s favor. Happiness goes with thanksgiving and hopeful aspirations rooted from deep faith.

To be happier is actually difficult. It is hard to attain,harder to maintain and hardest to advocate. Simply writing this entry,this has to be pondered upon over days with certain discernment. Some may perceive this too ideal, too hypothetical and the like. Yet happiness isn’t about the absence of struggles and problems,instead it depends on one’s way of dealing those.

Besides it’s really on sharing happiness and getting inspirations from others that one can be truly happier. Well I think nobody will be happier if he’s the only one happy in the world. Happiness when shared is at its truest essence.

The best way to share happiness is to live happily. No need for too much words,nor flamboyant deeds,for a happy soul always shines naturally.Sharing jokes may be fun,but not all of them speak of happiness,often of sarcasm and nonchalance. As always the simplest and most sincere stories of one’s life are the best things to share happiness.

Being happier then is a discipline. It is a result of an everyday journey with life and not battling against it. It is the effect of a firm guarding of one’s values. It is more than a thought,a word,a feeling or an action. It is never selfish and always giving. To be happier is actually living with higher acceptance and lower expectations.


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  • 29th July
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Passing the blame (again)

Storm after storm. Casualties over damages. Eventually, passing the blame comes next. Most of the local government officials from Albay, Camarines Norte and Aurora were reportedly not satisfied with the PAG-ASA’s weather forecasts about Juaning. For them, storm signals were not accurately announced and there were no warnings of worse case scenarios given such as flash floods.

It is not the first time though, for our country’s one and only astronomical and geophysical agency to get the blame for another not-so-properly-prepared-disaster. Looking back a year ago, his excellency PNoy publicly expressed his dismay to PAG-ASA. Same disappointment led the resignation of Dr. Prisco Nilo.  Likewise such news has brought into surface the scarcity of local meteorologists and the outdated apparatuses and equipments of the agency.

Is it really PAG-ASA’s poor performance level which makes it repeatedly involved in the disasters’ headlines? Or it is merely a sort of a strategy of LGUs to cover up their unpreparedness and irresponsibilities, thus they regularly point the finger at PAG-ASA?

Basically speaking, when we talk of weather forecasts, they are scientific predictions of what are most likely to happen. Through technology’s advancement, developing thunderstorms and low pressure areas are determined. Yet the thing is, no matter how frequent, weather forecasts are given, still, those are just well-studied estimations. That’s why they are called FOREcasts, meaning, there are also probabilities that they can’t be accurate. Actual situations can either be better or worse than as expected. Sadly, most of us forget this fact. Thus most would tend to tactlessly react, whether posting it online or exchanging chats with comrades.

Well, if prevention is better than cure, then preparedness would be better than forecasts. It’s as simple as that. But since majority of our government leaders care more about their image/legacy than their people, so disaster and risk management becomes their least priorities. And since most of us are busy doing unnecessary things, we cram preparing for disasters at the last minutes, and eventually blame the government which will then blame PAG-ASA afterwards. PAG-ASA will then complain about the lack of support from the government, and the government will ask for the increase of people’s taxes. And so does the sad cycle continue…

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  • 17th July
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The Attic Blog

One of the great things I look forward every Sunday is the chance to re-unite with my closest friends. Commonly,we would meet up after the mass and eventually catch-up with what we’re into,how we’re doing and talk about various stuffs and of course about people. (hahaha)

Unlike me,my friends are non-bloggers. They don’t tweet as much I do each day. Even if they want to,they can’t create and update a blog,for they’re really serious with their acads (which makes me so proud of them).

So for the past weeks,I share a lot about blogging,both of those good and not-so-good-things here. I also tell about bloggers who both inspire me and even those who… (never mind..hehe). My friends have been supportive about it. They know that it’s a dream come true for me (which I will let you find out in 8 days..).

While relating all those blogging stuffs,my best friend sensed how in some sort ways,blogging has been a challenge to me. He knows me well. Thus,even without me explaining,he understands how I desire to blog the very special way possible. Suddenly,he butted in,'Why not make your blog like an attic?’. Me,startled with his another-intellectual-advice replied with curiosity,'What's with an attic?' Then he took a deep breath,moved closer and explained,'Di ba sa attic,you just place all the most important things there. Parang sa pagblo-blog mo,i-post mo lang yung sa tingin mo ay importante.' Those words simply blew me away. I just ended the topic with a heartfelt,'Thank you so much.'

It might had ended there. But the influence a non-blogger imparted to me is so dynamic,that even up to this moment,I’m still wowed by that. I so love the concept of making my blog like an attic. Since this is simply a leisure activity,I want to share a little of everything which during the toughest times from the real world,my blog will serve as an attic,wherein I can unwind and relish re-reading my previous posts. Afterwards,same attic blog will be a solace avenue in which I can be more motivated to testify that life is a beautiful thing.

By mere talking about those old issues here is so tiring indeed. Perhaps this has been I’ve been waiting for,a turning point in my blogging life. This will be surely tough,especially in a blogging platform dominantly influenced by an existing social culture. Nevertheless,as long as the desire burns within me to make my blog like an attic,I’ll go on. Even if it may take days,weeks,months or years,I’ll still pursue with that. I can’t explain much to convince other bloggers,yet for those who share the same tumblr sentiments,hopefully,sharing this will help.

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  • 5th July
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The Complain Game

Employees complain about stressful works,while there are 11 million jobless Filipinos. Students whine for lots of school loads,while there are 2.3 million college dropouts yearly. How ironic isn’t it?

By human nature perhaps,we complain more and appreciate less. Indeed the busiest days have arrived for the majority. Stressful works,mountain-like deadlines,pressure from here and there define each day. Expectations,goals,frustrations and disappointments linger from time to time. Thus we tend to grumble over the things we do and ending up yelling for a break.

I can confidently say how tons of work are better than having none to do at all,for I have experienced it for years. To emphasize it clearly,those days had never been easy at all,not just for me but even to the people I love. It was a holistic torture,I felt I was physically,emotionally,socially and even mentally kidnapped. Hunger for knowledge and thirst for hands-on interaction intensified as days passed. Tragic it may sound,but I did bear those things, yet of course through God’s grace and my family and friends’ love.

One reason perhaps,why we constantly play the complain game is that we don’t rest the way we should. The world introduced numerous leisure activities,which appear refreshing and entertaining. However none of those had effectively eased out anyone’s exhaustion. It so basic to rest,eat well and sleep tight. Yeah I know,time’s limited,primarily because we are so pre-occupied with things we’re not obliged to do. Instead of taking a rest,we prefer to indulge ourselves to more stressors. We’re not supernaturals at the first place,thus our body needs to rest.

Last night,I failed to see a movie I recently downloaded and I  also missed my Primetime Bida marathon. Before,when such things happen,I really feel bad the day after. But this morning,waking up from a 10 hour sleep is priceless. It felt so good,from inside to outside! I must agree with a multi-vitamins’ slogan: More enrgy,mas happy!

So much to say about this complain game,yet let me finish it by sharing my favorite words from a Filipina we all loved- Corazon Aquino,when she was asked on how she felt during the hardest times of her life.

Who am I to complain?

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  • 2nd July
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Let me talk about my love

When you write what you know [or what you really love], you write with authority. People listen to you because you are one who knows. You are interesting because you are interested. Your knowledge is a gift to share.(via writershelper.com)

Probably, that has been the best writing advice I ever read. Just like any writer aspirants, or even for those professionals, writing blocks visit me by surprise. Before, when distracting factors ruin the mood to write and ideas are just turned into bubbles, I can’t help but be anxious even more. Now, I think I’m much encouraged to write about things I’m most interested about, which is drama series.

The mere fact that not everyone at my age watches drama series somehow makes me really weird. I don’t know, maybe because I grew up in a typical-Filipino-family-bonding way, taking dinner together then gathering in front of the TV set watching our favorite TV programs.

Since then, I’ve been into various TV dramas, from the classical Filipino series, then to the Mexicanovelas. As maturity comes, so does with American dramas, until Asianovelas conquered TV by storm, from that phenomenal Taiwanese dramas followed by the domination of Korean dramas. Then again back to Filipino fantasy series,then to profession-inspired stories to classical remakes. At present I try to be into a variety of drama series, from family-oriented favorites, must-watch non-conventional dramas and thanks to much advanced technology, I can relish currently airing foreign dramas.

For several years dramas have re-created me to someone who just doesn’t talk about them, but now aspires to make one in the near future. Dreaming such may seem like building Titanic, yet I still hold on to such endeavor in order to fulfill certain advocacies. Like most critics, I lament how our local series could have been better unless they can come up with those numerous if’s and only’s of viewers.

Yet just how Martin Luther dreamt of equality between black and white Americans ,let me dream that one day, Philppine dramas will also shine as bright or even brighter like that of foreign series we usually look up to. Let me start my Titanic here. Let me write more about them and hopefully I can also inform, entertain, share and impart life lessons. Let me talk about my love- drama series.

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  • 2nd July
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Imagine there’s no religion

As timeless as the band The Beatles, so is their song Imagine. Even up to this era of technological innovation, Imagine keeps to open one’s mind to the advantages of the absence of the various matters we used to live with, countries, possessions, brotherhood, and religion.

The first stanza deals with imagining if there’s no heaven, hell and religion. It doesn’t actually intend to contradict any spiritual beliefs. The line,”Imagine if there’s no religion” merely proposes the idea of a more peaceful world. Considering all those never-ending debates whose god is greater than whom and those tiring issues of which practices are godly and which are not, perhaps it’s quite refreshing to imagine it even for a couple of seconds.

If there’s no religion, then certainly, no division among countries, races, communities, schools, friends, lovers, families about spiritual stands. Crusades, religion-related persecutions could have never been part of world history, not even World War II (for Hitler persecuted the Jews) Possibly, terrorists fighting for their beliefs never existed.

If there’s no religion, there’s no need for religious leaders to go against one another and verify who is talking about the truth and who is just speaking of hoax. Perhaps, there’ll be no more discrimination and judgments on an individual, just because of what he or she believes in. No need to question one’s religious practices, such as what he or she celebrates, wears, or eats.

If there’s no religion, for sure, I’ll never be bombarded with inquiries like, Why do you pray the rosary? What’s the use of going to mass and say same prayers and do old rituals? What can you say about those unrighteous priests? How can you testify that what you believe at is the truth?

If there’s no religion, what then life could be? I’m not saying that it’ll be better that way, for I know it’ll never be either. I’m just sharing results of imaginations upon these sad realities.

Yesterday, I read an article which confused me in some profound ways. It was a little bit disturbing, likewise, same person who suggested that, immediately threw in questions challenging my faith and beliefs. I got blank and ended up saying I don’t know.  It’s not that I can’t defend what I’m believing and been doing. It’s not that I’m afraid to testify who am I praying to. It was just because, we’re talking about religion, a matter which is impossible to discuss overnight.

Even if there have been background research made, scientific and historical analysis done and even thousands of testimonials and stories of miracles collected, at the end, any religion can never be fully rationalized. For each religion roots from faith and one’s spirituality is so complex to be reasoned out. That’s one greatest mystery of life perhaps, we’re expected to be rational, yet we believe in some things we find it difficult to explain.

Religion has been part of most of us. At various aspects it has brought the best and worst of anyone throughout centuries. Well, as what Mother Teresa wrote in her poem, Anyway:

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and your God;
It was never between you and them anyway.

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  • 1st July
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A year after

(This is supposed to be for yesterday,but again I forgot to schedule this post,hehe.)

Did Pres. Noynoy really fail the Filipinos? Or it’s just us who set too high expectations of the Aquino administration,thus we get disappointed?

These have been playing in my mind after watching TV documentaries and reports assessing the first year of Pres. Noynoy. Surveys and interviews are emerging,mostly sentiments of frustrations,few of positive feedbacks.

Basically,when we discuss of government,it does not solely refer to the ruling party of a state or any community,but it also includes the people being governed. Thereupon, we,along with the President’s team shall then be both assessed for the administrative year 2010-2011.

What really made Noynoy our 15th president was his undoubting passion for public service which has been imparted by his parents. Way back on 2009,after Cory’s death,Noynoy was not really assuming presidency.But because he has been taught that it must be "Motherland first before anything else.",he set aside all personal endeavors. In order to heed the call of the sentimental Filipinos during then,he ran and eventually won. 

A year after,Pres.Noynoy may had been sincerely serving the Filipinos,but he had never yet led the country to what he promised his so called 'Tuwid na daan' (Right path). The fact is,he is more of a servant,but he is less than of a leader. As a result,various men and women around Pres. Noynoy seemingly make him as a puppet doll.

Regarding our participation as this republic’s people,I think we expected too much of the Aquino administration,thus we get dismayed. Pres. Noynoy by nature is a promising speaker. With his charisma,wit,fluency in English and Filipino and his sense of humor,he can instantly win our favor. After his 12-minute speech at the Quirino grandstand,exactly a year ago,now we’re all asking where are those words.

Media also takes part in this not-so-satisfied rating of the current administration. News have always been reported overrated and sensationalized,overlooking other facets of every issue and some accomplishments. Another factor is today’s offer of expression privileges. A lot talk about issues,yet rarely listen to sources. A lot post about their views yet seldom read the whole story.

A year after,what shall then we do next? I think Pres. Noynoy’s team must now work with their plans B or C,for seemingly plan A didn’t work. Likewise,we must then refrain from the trending exchanging of rants over socio-political matters and be part of the solutions for the common good. It’s also about time to cooperate with the next years of Pres. Aquino’s term. After all,his defeat is ours,and in his victory,we also share. For we are all in the same boat,we’re all Filipinos,hoping for a better Philippines. 

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  • 28th June
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It’s Boracay not ‘Bora’

During the inauguration of the renovated Caticlan Airport last June 25,the residents of Boracay disliked how President Noynoy Aquino referred the island ‘Bora’ instead of Boracay for three times. Relatively,the municipality has prohibited the use of the popular abbreviation ‘Bora’ of commercial establishments in the island. (via Yahoo Philippines)

In the tourism industry,names are as important as what such destinations boast of. Through the strength of a place’s name,it’ll be remembered and renowned not just locally,yet up to the main target,to be globally distinct.

And as today’s technological advancement boosts up,so does the competition among tourist destinations. Thus for the people of Boracay,their 13-billion-industry is at stake,if it will be mis-referred to France’s Bora Bora,an island in the Pacific region,also a top tourist spot. Both islands are known for their paradise-like sceneries and have been most travelers’s favorite beaches. 

Probably the term ‘Bora’ was first popularized by the same people who frequently visit the island. It could have sounded cool,since often heard from the celebrities,but most people are unaware how detrimental this shortcut can be to the tourism industry,not just to Boracay,but also to the whole Philippines.

Blessing in disguise it could be then,that the president used the said abbreviation. For now,it created awareness among us the importance of one’s name,whether of a person,a place,an event or an idea. Likewise,the disadvantages of the trending this fast-speed society have emerged.

Once again,ladies and gentlemen,the Philippine’s pride Boracay!

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  • 26th June
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Too late and too advance

Let me talk about Pilipinas Got Talent. (hehe)

So last night was PGT’s performance night and as expected,it became the talk of the town,from each household beyond the virtual world. Since this morning I read relative posts regarding the contestants performances,even their appeals,the show’s mechanics,the judges’ reactions and also their attires,and everything which you can associate with PGT.

To contradict most of the negative and awful reactions,I would like to bring into surface the value of H.A.L.E. = High Acceptance Low Expectations. I have no single relation to even one of the contenders,but it’s saddening to read below-the-belt reactions from the crowd. At some ways yes,some of them may disappoint the audience. Indeed,they could have achieved the high standards. But to think it deeply,there was no definite criteria  set. It isn’t a dancing contest,nor a singing competition,not even a simple showcase of skills. It’s too broad which both takes the show at its best and at its worst. Each of the finalists is diverse and talented in their own ways.

Getting detailed,let me take Skeights for example. Oh yes,the lead vocals may lacked showmanship. But in music,even bands have their own genres. Unlike the commercial bands which are more of the pop-rock theme,Skeights was more of a contemporary pop-ballad and that shall be considered. In terms of their musicality,I must say it was superb! They chose Rivermaya’s Liwanag sa Dilim which is not an easy song to be accompanied with violins. Musical arranging is indeed another talent often not appreciated and in all fairness with Skeights,as a band,they were good. From the drums,the bass and ryhtmic guitar,the keyboard and the violin,harmony was there.

Now,everyone’s placing their bets who will brag the 2 million cash prize and the title with instant-fame afterwards. Certainly,whoever wins will be both praised and criticized,another not-so-good Filipino trait. For sure,several will still fuss about the text votes mechanics. Oh yes,that may not totally measure the nation’s favorites,but on what other ways does this show hail the grand winner? Shall it be done through the classic clapping of hands or through the manual voting process? Well I think those are so impractical. Even if there are judges,they’re just meant to choose the contenders,but the winner,as based from the original show’s format.

Getting back to my main point,can we not just be more appreciative and happy for someone’s success? Cam we not just develop deeper acceptance over choices and bets? Can we refrain from the archaic ideology of 'pag talo,nadaya'?

Tonight a new name will be tomorrow’s icons. Tonight big changes awaits the grand winner. Tonight fulfillment of dreams awaits the champion. Tonight is what most of us is anticipating for. And tonight our sense of appreciation and expectation will be put in a test.

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