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  • 1st September
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Kahit tapos na ang Buwan ng Wika

Tuluyan mang dumating na ang ‘ber months’ at nagismula na rin ang mga kaliwa’t kanang Christmas countdown,hindi naman ito nangangahulugang tapos na ang usapin ukol sa wikang pambansa. Magpahanggang ngayon,wala pa ring konkretong solusyon para sa ika-uunlad ng wikang Filipino kahit samu’t sari nang reaksyon ang naibahagi’t pinagdiskusyonan.

Mistulang tinadhana ang pagsulpot ng mga kontorobersiya’t maiinit na usapin hinggil sa wikang Filipino nitong buwan ng Agosto. Ngunit,alin nga ba ang problema? Ang mismong wika ba ang o mga taong gumagamit nito? Saan nga ba nag-ugat ang mga sala-salabat na suliranin tungkol dito? Dahil nga ba sa sistema ng edukasyon o dahil sa uri ng kulturang panlipunan na mayroon tayo?

Paniwala ng nakararami na kung may malaking reporma sa sistema ng edukasyon ukol sa medium of instruction ,ay mas mapapataas ang antas ng pagkatuto ng mga mag-aaral. Halimbawa na nga lang ng mayayamang bansa tulad ng Japan at Germany,pawang ginagamit ang mga kanilang wikang pambansa sa edukasyon.

Ngunit kung susuriin,hindi ba’t nakadepende lang din ang sistema ng edukasyon sa sistemang panlipunang umiiral? Matatandaang noong naging in-demand ang mga Pinoy nurses sa abroad,nagsisulputan ang mga nursing schools. Kumbaga,tumutugon lang ang mga paarala’t unibersidad sa mga pangangailangan ng lipunan. Sa bansa nating may mataas na pagpapahalaga sa kakayahang makapag-Ingles,hindi nakapagtataka kung bakit ganoon na lang ang pagpapaigting ng mga programang makapaghahasa sa kakayahang ito mapa- anumang antas ng akademya. Hindi na rin surpresa kung paano nabuo ang ideyang mas mataas ang kalidad ng pag-aaral sa mga pamantasang pamoso sa pagtuturo ng Ingles.

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  • 27th August
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Bamboo - Umagang Kay Ganda - Bamboo

Bamboo-Umagang Kay Ganda

Halika na pumikit limutin ang problema
Hihintayin ang umaga
Magpahinga, panaginip ang ikaliligaya
Darating din ang umaga

Gumising na (gumising na)
Araw ng pag-asa’y narito na
Dumating din, haharapin natin


  • 26th August
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THELMA (Main Trailer) A Film By Paul Soriano 

“Thelma” is the first full-length feature film production of Time Horizon Pictures and is directed by film and TV-commercial director Paul Soriano. It is the story of a simple young girl from the province-Thelma (played by Maja Salvador) whose family is beset with challenges when she discovers her uncanny gift of speed. Her talent then opens doors for her – to elevate her family’s situation and change the course of her own life. But to do that she will have to run- against all obstacles, against personal hindrances, against shadows from her past, and against her own self-doubts.

via thelma.timehorizon.co

Showing nationwide on September 7!!! It has been invited to the 31st Hawaii International Film Festival this October.  An inspiring film created with creative and high-edge cinematography featuring our country’s brilliant young and veteran actors and actresses. As early as now,let me congratulate the cast,staff and crew of Thelma. Let’s get it from Thelma…

Thelma: Hindi ako titigil. [I wont’ stop.]

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  • 23rd August
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Gloc-9 - Akin Lang Naman (Feat. G-Dawg)

Akin lang naman by Gloc 9 feat G-Dawg

Wag mo kong pansinin, wag mo kong pakinggan
Pagkat ang sinasabi ko ay akin lang naman
Wag mo kong pansinin, wag mo kong pakinggan
Pagkat ang sinasabi ko…ito ay akin lang naman, naman, naman, naman

Oo nga naman,may punto si Gloc 9. Lahat ay may pwedeng sabihin,kahit ako rin. Di man ako sikat,di rin matalino,pero ang kailangan lang ay may pakialam at hindi lang basta pakilamera.Higit pa ‘to sa isang inspirasyon. Noon pa sana ‘to eh,pero ngayon,mas malakas na ang loob ko. Makiki-dedma na lang ha,kasi ang bawat sasabihin ko ay akin lang naman. Sabi nga nya,'Minsan kailangan sumagot kahit walang kausap'. Sabi ko naman,'Minsan kailangang magsualt kahit walang magbabasa.' Oops! Teka,hindi ito nagsisilbing paanyaya,dahil ang mga susunod na posts ay akin lang naman. Pero syempre pwedeng -pwede mo rin namang ABANGAN. :)

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  • 22nd August
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This brings me to the argument—one that is really tough to defend—that the best local movies of recent years are comedies. The best Star Cinema movies are awesome follies (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo; You Are The One; My Only Ü); the best Cinemalaya entries deal with complex subjects treated lightly (Endo, Jay, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros); and the best films of last year (Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria, Senior Year) are infinite jests. If there’s an important quality of Filipino films that should be imported to foreign festivals, it’s humor. Our culture is defined, thoroughly and unfairly, by our comic sensibility. Whereas human suffering is universal, humor is unique. Art can only do poverty the favor of addressing it, but solve it? No. On the contrary, art often exploits poverty for the benefit of its makers. And that’s no fun.
Richard Bolisay (via Lagarista)

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  • 20th August
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Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin Review

First and foremost,this is to review the recently concluded Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin as as a whole drama series and not just about its ending. Hmmm,it’s quite tough where to begin. So,let’s just put it in this way: discussing the series in terms of before,during and after the drama.


Supposedly scheduled to air by February,it was postponed in a month long due to management’s  decision. It was also a bit intriguing. Considering that it’s directed by Ruel Bayani,the same man behind Tayong Dalawa,speculations rose that MLKI will just have similar plot. But as intense trailers and teasers rule every commercial breaks,it evanseced such thoughts and gained much attention even before its pilot.

Secondly,merely seeing the power house cast has impressed both drama and non-drama enthusiasts. Having Philippines’s finest actors and actresses from their respective generations into one drama series is no joke. It’s also Coco Martin’s first lead-role drama and a comeback series for veteran actress Amy Austria.


High expectations were surpassed! From its not-your-typical story line,to its award-winning acting performances every evening,then it turned to be a consistent ratings juggernaut. How impressive how each character became each household names.

It never failed to showcase the acting prowess of its cast. Just to name a few,Coco Martin deserves a drama-actor award for portraying two different characters. While,the grand slam queen,Ms. Lorna Tolentino was equally loved and hated as Alondra. Same with Maja Salvador,hands down to her for perfectly playing Krista,as the rebel chick. Indeed,she’s one of the best young actresses we have today.

Let me also commend the script writers for being flexible in revising the plot when(1) Amy Austria was hospitalized for a month and when (2) Andi Eigenman got pregnant. Though at some points such changes made the story dragging. I didn’t get when all of a sudden,Lora (played by Austria) got abducted and when Gabrielle (played by Eigenman) had to be killed. 


MLKI has undeniably raised the bar in Philippine drama production. It sets a new standard that a drama must have all the necessary elements to maintain on its throne. It has marked history in Philippine TV. Likewise,I’m expecting to see more local dramas with such standard and hoping that it’ll be aired in other countries even here in Southeast Asia.

What I liked most about MLKI?

  • Conflicts- I admired how it stick to its tagline: Paninidigan,Pamilya,Pag-ibig.Like any other Asian dramas,when love and family intersect,stories really become exciting. But with MLKI,I love how it dramatically resolved the conflicts towards the end unlike the typical ways some dramas do it.
  • Cast- It may take years before any similar ambitious drama once again turns into reality. One thing is,each character played a tailored-cut role.

What should MLKI had did and not did?

  • OST- It was actually good. But I dream that one day,original compositions and not just revivals will be used as soundtracks. Doing so is like hitting two birds with one shot: promoting OPM while re-defining drama production.
  • Ending- Everybody wants a happy ending though. In fact,the wedding scene of two couples was indeed emotional and moving. But oh dear,why it turned to be like that? If I were Jaime Sebastiano (played by Ronaldo Valdez),as an AFP chief,I will call on all bomb experts just to save even at the last minute or last second to save my daughter Alondra (played by Lorna Tolentino). Right? Perhaps because,it’s a Philippine tradition of ending drama series. Writers are aiming to come up with an explosive conclusion,yet without realizing that such breath-taking scenes are just so superficial and not realistic at all.

Over all:

I must hail that this is the best action-drama-family-romance Philippine drama series ever. It’s a challenge for the whole industry to create another production. It’ll always be remembered in drama land and will serve as an inspiration for all drama writer and producer aspirants.

To the whole cast,staff and crew of Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin,thank you for such a world-class TV soap. *Clap! Clap! Clap!*

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  • 10th August
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What’s wrong with us?

An excerpt from: What’s wrong with us? opinion article of Conrado de Quiros for Philippine Daily Inquirer

What the hell is wrong with us?

Has the culture of awa so addled our brains we can no longer allow a space for justice in it? Look at how prevalent it is. Look at how malevolent it is.

Just as witnesses were streaming forth to testify to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo stealing the vote in 2004, she suddenly found herself in a hospital undergoing surgery. At least it wasn’t heart surgery (the doctors wouldn’t have found any). Immediately, the senators vowed to take it easy on her until she recovered from whatever surgery she had.

Why? Why on earth would you let up on someone who left this country torn and bleeding and needing surgery in every part of its body, not least its heart, simply because she has an affliction? Or claims so, her real affliction being a monumental capacity to claim what is not true? Reminds you of Imelda claiming a miscarriage shortly before martial law, when the barbs against her and her husband became particularly strident.

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  • 10th August
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You want to rail against Cruz’s works as heretical, sacrilegious, insulting to Christianity, feel free to do so. You want to call for a boycott of them, feel free to do so—though asking Filipinos to boycott an art exhibit is like asking Filipinos to boycott a bookstore. You want to call Cruz a pervert, a monster, a Satanist, feel free to do so.
But you want to deface his works (or him), you want to burn his works (or him), think again. You want to incite violence, or condone violence, think again. You want to call upon the CCP officials to resign, or risk mayhem against their persons, think again.
It’s complicated by: Conrado de Quiros

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