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  • 28th May
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How to make sense with text posts?

A lot of people write. Several posts in online. Yet only some really make sense. 

Let’s set aside the external factors. For a while,forget about the notes,the likes,replies and re-blogs of a text post. Let’s get into the core- the essence.

Irregardless of any post’s length,or even the style used in writing,nor the tone of the writer,the most important thing to consider in writing, whether it’s an essay,an informative article,a narrative or an opinion must be the idea. And as always the standpoint or standpoints must be clear enough from start to finish.

The most basic thing to make sense with text posts is to have an outline first. This will help you organize your thoughts in the most comprehend-able manner. Likewise,that simple outline of a short introduction,followed by a systematic body,ending with a brief conclusion can also surprise the writer himself, after being so convinced of what he had actually written. Same thing will also raise you bar in terms of writing and appreciating text posts.

Secondly,in order to make sense,focus on where you’re heading to. Drive the readers to your points,yet always try to be objective through presenting the other sides of the issue. It’s always better to be direct to the point as possible. Yet it’s also fine to elaborate certain thoughts,but not being going around the bush.

Moreover,in order to make sense,always be reminded that you have to share anything worth-reading. It can be an excerpt of personal experience,some pieces of advice and thoughts,or an advocacy,a standpoint,or a trivial matter from the past or even current issues and news. Remember dear,people in this world are so busy,and to spend little time reading a not-so-sensible post will just disappoint them.

To sum things up, writing must not just be simply writing. Just like any other things in this world,it must always be done with heart,mind and sense. In doing so,this will not just re-define you as a writer,yet will actually characterize you deeply as an individual.

I rather write once with sense,than write all the time with none.

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Friendster Nostlagia

It’s exactly 1 year, 3 months and 8 days since the last time I logged in to Friendster. Same period of time took me away to Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr. After knowing the news about the social networking site’s re-format,I really got nostalgic. All of a sudden, memories came into flash backs.

It’s really fun browsing old photos with old friends and comrades. same with seeing your profile layout. It was even surprising reading your childish,times,emo-inspired shoutouts. (Hahaha)

Oh it might even take a whole day to share all those fond memories of Friendster days. From adding friends,to giving and times even demanding for testimonials,popularly known as “testi”, then to customizing your profile,from the basic info,to your numerous favorites,then with your profile lay-out,to different apps,then with your photos and increasing photo albums, then to several comments. Oh yes! Too many to mention,yet to many not be forgotten.

Likewise, saying goodbye to Friendster, is most likely saying that all has to end. Nothing lasts forever though. Who knows, I’ll have almost the same post in the near future,about any social networking site re-format. That’s possible.(hehe) 

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  • 23rd April
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Foreword: Taglish muna ngayon,hehe. Medyo magulo tong post na to. Kumbaga ‘random’,haha. Wala itong matinong outline, parang casual talk lang,hehe.

            Parang ngayon pa lang magsisimula ang 2011 sa’kin. Pagkatapos ng sobrang daming planong nakaka-frustrate,eh parang nakaka-energized namang magsimula ulit. Ngayon ko mas,na-realize na wala yun sa oras,ni panahon,o kahit sa lugar,ang importante ay ang desire mong magbago at  mag-improve. Kasi daw..

            “Real achievement is undergoing series of failures without losing the enthusiasm.”

            Siguro,masasabi ko pa ring successful ako,hehe. Kasi…maka-ilang libong beses kong plinano na magkaroon ng matinong blog, maging matinong writer, maging matinong essayista. Parating may hadlang,parating may kontra. Pero, hanggang gusto mong matuloy yung gusting-gusto mo,eh hahamakin mo lahat,diba?? Hehe

            So yun! Sobra kasi akong nae-excite! May bago na akong e-mail,may bago akong tumblr URL, may bago akong theme (na libre ko lang kinuha,tinatamad akong gumawa ng sarili ko eh,hehe),then inactivate ko na yung wordpress account ko (kung san mas maraming essays). Ayun,masaya lang ako.

            Hindi ko habol ang maraming readers, viewers o followers (pero syempre gusto ko rin naman,hahaha). Ang ibig kong sabihin ay,gusto ko lang magsulat,nang hinidi nape-pressure, pero lagi lang inspired,para makapag-express,maka-inspire at somehow ay maka-touch din ng iba. (kahit isa,ok na,hehe)

             Basta,masaya ako at super blessed. Kasabay ng pagre-reformat ng PC namin at ng celebration ng Easter Sunday bukas ay ang mistulang pagre-format ng pagiging essayista ko.


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  • Hindi ko pa alam ang ulam namin,pero,nae-excite akong kumain na.
  • Bigla kong gustong mag-Tagalog.
  • Masakit ang ulo ko at natatakot akong baka atakihin na naman ako ng vertigo.
  • Maya-maya,malapit ko nang matapos yung GIF na project ko. Yehey!
  • Nakapagtatakang wala akong notification sa Facebook.
  • Gusto ko sanang mag-tweet kaso,may kailangan pa akong gawin.
  • Sana Lunes na para My Princess na,hehe.
  • Hindi ko pa tapos ang Sign,kasi medyo nakaka-kaba na ang mga last episodes.
  • Wala pa akong alam na bagong kanta.
  • Matatapos na ang Midas,pero nasa Ep.3 pa lang ako.
  • Next week,festival na dito sa’min,wala pa akong plano.
  • Gusto ko sanang mag-soul searching sa 15,bago mag-holy week,pero parang mas gusto kong manuod ng Catch Me I’m in Love. (hehe)
  • Promise,magpo-post na talaga ako ng essay,ng maraming-maraming essay.



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