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  • 28th April
  • 28

Friendster Nostlagia

It’s exactly 1 year, 3 months and 8 days since the last time I logged in to Friendster. Same period of time took me away to Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr. After knowing the news about the social networking site’s re-format,I really got nostalgic. All of a sudden, memories came into flash backs.

It’s really fun browsing old photos with old friends and comrades. same with seeing your profile layout. It was even surprising reading your childish,times,emo-inspired shoutouts. (Hahaha)

Oh it might even take a whole day to share all those fond memories of Friendster days. From adding friends,to giving and times even demanding for testimonials,popularly known as “testi”, then to customizing your profile,from the basic info,to your numerous favorites,then with your profile lay-out,to different apps,then with your photos and increasing photo albums, then to several comments. Oh yes! Too many to mention,yet to many not be forgotten.

Likewise, saying goodbye to Friendster, is most likely saying that all has to end. Nothing lasts forever though. Who knows, I’ll have almost the same post in the near future,about any social networking site re-format. That’s possible.(hehe) 

(Source: essayist-from-mcmxcitumblr.com)