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Life is a beautiful thing.

  • 4th September
  • 04

Definitely not my last post :))

Ma-arte by nature,hehehe,I always try to do things special even on saying goodbyes. Yes and no. Yes,this is a sort of goodbye,since I’m leaving my work. No,this is not to about deactivating this account. This is merely another beautiful ending and beginning of a chapter in my life.

Today’s my last day here. I have been actually praying for this,but all those weary months,I never had the courage to leave. Perhaps I was not confident at all that I can. Perhaps,I was not risky enough to leave my comfort zone. But He answered my prayer in such a perfect time. His deeds are indeed mysterious yet great! So in a couple of weeks,I’m on my way to a new journey. Still not so sure about it. There’s no single assurance of an easier life ahead. But I’m just so certain that my Lord will be with me all the way all the time.

Sorry for still being anonymous. Sorry for the delay of my hidden ‘background’. Inevitable circumstances always hindered me to do so. But now,since I’ll be having a break,I’ll certainly be preparing that. 

From the bottom of my heart,with all sincerity and love,let me thank everyone for gracing my virtual life. And I’m just so happy that I’m able to appreciate life in a high-tech/modern perspective. I learned things which aren’t taught in the academe. I met friends I don’t even know. Above all,I’m even more inspired.

Lots of changes are about to come in my life. And I’m just so excited to fall in love deeper to my Lord and to see more of life and tell how beautiful it is. I’ll just be hibernating and when I get back,you’ll be seeing me for sure. May God be with you till we meet again. Oh this will not take long dear.

Oh by the way friends,this is a scheduled post. :))

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  • 21st August
  • 21


I’m afraid that I’ll just be posting more about dramas and movies on the coming days. Doing so may make this blog boring for some.hehehe. On the other hand,I have this sort of confidence to say:'I know what I'm talking about here,coz dear,those are my major interests.' LOL…Likewise,abiding to the law of just-talk-about-what-you-know gives me the guts to go on. Perhaps it’s better being a master of something,than none yet jack of all trades.

Just heard that dreams are fulfillment of one’s subconscious. Haven’t yet checked the scientific explanations about it. But this morning,I must have second the motion! hahaha Dreamt about my celebrity crush and my high school someone last night,hihihi. It’s very rare huh,so yeah,I had the biggest smile good to last for decades,hahaha. Another surprise was,my Mom started to preach (you know,the parents’ sermon) mostly addressing to me (since I’m the eldest child). But no effects at all! hahaha So basically the whole day started soooo good.

Been so physically,emotionally,mentally and almost spiritually drained for the past days. If only such times were for 'ka-artehan's sake',that would be fine. But the case has been something serious. The good thing is,I’m sure my God is with me. I believe He doesn’t let difficult circumstances just to see His children struggling, for He only aims to let His love be more felt through the toughest times. It’s still a surprise for friends and family hearing me saying these. Coz I’m usually the one who does the listening than the talking of personal stuffs. I may be so 'madaldal',but often times,people still regard me mysterious. hehe So I must agree sharing these really help…feels like someone’s listening to me,when everybody’s busy with their stuffs.

Ohhh..I miss my bed…my eyes may close involuntarily any time..hehehe…but I miss dancing to death…something my little world isn’t aware of…

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  • 9th August
  • 09

About my DP

One of my biggest turn ons is how certain people can explain stuffs. Thus,I became a trying hard copy cat who also tries to explain things in various perspectives. hehe I don’t know it this makes sense,but just let me so. Coz,I usually do things with reasons and I love to share them. (arte noh?hehe)

(*drum rolling*) In,1,2,3…Tada!!!

New DP

It’s been like centuries since I changed DP,haha. Sorry, I still don’t have the guts to display my own photo,coz sadly,I’m a non-photogenic person. Cameras and I are not friends. Haha!

So about the photo?Yes,it’s again about dramas (my ‘major major’ interest,since I’m aspiring to create at least one in the future-which I had said millions of times,haha) . So they are Rain (my first Korean crush,hihi) and Shin Min Ah a.k.a. Miho (my ever favorite Asian actress since 2006) from a melancholic drama: A love to kill (which was also aired locally). That particular scene is after the leads played football,as they rested on the ground of fallen leaves. 

This new DP is not just about being an ultimate fan girl who usually gets nostalgic,but it also reveals another side of me.

[RF: 17] Why am I junkie to tear jerker movies/dramas? Coz I seldom cry,as in very rare. Thus seeing such somehow exercises my tear glands. hehe

So there you go. It’s basically sort of a background. Uhmmm…it’s still surprising hearing people commend how they sense me as an optimist,which makes me says 'Awww..'. Yet another thing is,I find it hard letting out negative emotions,thus hard core sad dramas and movies truly help. But I don’t cry at every drama or movie huh,only a few.hehe. 

Ok,I have to end it here. (I’m so madaldal na talaga,hahaha.)

  • 3rd August
  • 03

So what’s up?

You haven’t been posting write-ups lately. Pretty busy?

Not really. Nagbibi-busy-busyhan lang.hahaha. Actually,I’m not just in the mood. I don’t know,if it’s just me or it’s tumblr,who’s sick,or maybe both.hahaha. Yeah,as simple as that,been not that urged to share thoughts here. Pero nagsusulat pa rin,di nga lang naipo-post…Ewan! Hirap i-elaborate,or tinatamad lang talaga ako,hehe. 

So what things you’re currently into?

Ohhh,as usual,dramas and movies,movies and dramas,and so on,hahaha,ang kulit ko lang. But this is something new I’m into: MEMORIZING SONGS. Oh yes,parang high school lang,hehe. Yet seriously,it’s fun! Been downloading new albums lately,so upon loving some tracks,I felt obliged to know the lyrics by heart. Besides,it is scientifically proven that memorizing song lyrics improves one’s metal skills. Likewise,it’s good for the brains!

Any blogging plans?

Hmmm…I have always lots of those..hehehe. Times,such things confuse me. Whether to move to another or so,or just stay here and activate other blogs. But let’s see. I’ll surely post it right away when it’s done. For the mean time,I’m learning a blogging discipline. The mere fact that it’s a discipline,it’s difficult. Second,this has to be serious,for the main goal is to get better. Hoho..yeah..that’s me..really weird..someone who does the extra-special ways..or sort of ka-artehan lang talaga...hehe.

Final words?

I’m happy with these not-so-easy-transitions…as long as I’m heading towards my goal to get better…I’ll love to share it more. Been so blessed to realize lots of life lessons lately. Hopefully,I can share them asap. Ohhhh..hope everyone’s fine! 

  • 31st July
  • 31


Isa sa mga pinaka-nami-miss ko tuwing Sundays ay yung choir days ko. Gisising ng sobrang aga,magmamadaling kumain,maligo at magplantsa pa ng gala uniform. Minsan nakaka-bad vibes din,yung tipong kapag naulan tulad ngayon,mapuputikan pa yung pinaputing gala uniform. O din naman kaya,pag natanghali ka pa ng gising,hindi ka na makakapag-breakfast. Tapos tataasan ka pa ng kilay ng choir master nyo kapag ilang minuto kang na-late.

Pero sulit naman. Sobra-sobra pa nga ang nare-receive ko non. Sabi nga ni St. Augustine,'One who sings prays twice.' Convinced ako na twice or even thice pa yung blesssings kapag nag-seserve kay God.

Ito nga pala yung isa sa mga favorite songs namin noon,theme song naming magka-klase. 1/4 ng  pilot section nun,sinusubukang mag-choir,dagdag points daw kasi,hehe. Pero,iilan lang kaming tumagal talaga. Sa hirap man o saya,mas nabuo yung friendship as choirmates.

Haaayss..nakaka-miss kumanta sa choir. Nakaka-miss…

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  • 24th July
  • 24

Birthday Achu-chuchu

Marami lang talaga siguro akong ka-artehan at kung anu-ano ang pinaplano ko para sa birthday ko. Di ko lang alam kung yung mga ka-birthday kong sina Dolphy,Sarah Geronimo at Bayani Fernando ay may ganito ring ka-churvahan,pero naaliw akong panuorin yung mga advance birthday celebrations at tribute para sa kanila (sana ako rin meron,hahaha). Pasensya na kung daig ko pa ang pirated DVD o fake torrent download dahil paulit-ulit ako tungkol sa bday ko. Minsan lang naman eh,pagbigyan na..hahaha.

Ayun,informal muna ha,magta-Taglish muna ang lola mo. Kinokondisyon ko lang talaga ang sarili ko para bukas. Super duper nae-excite ako at kinakabahan. Haha,ewan,pero malalaman mo rin naman. Dahil nga rin pala sa ka-busyhan ko,di ko tuloy maipo-post yung mini auto-biography ko,pero sa Tuesday na lang,promise,totoo na ‘to,hehe.

Bday Resolutions:

Compared sa New Year’s resolutions,ako lang ata ay may ganito,hehe. I feel happy every time I see myself looking forward to get better. Akala ko ang dami ko nang nagagawa,pero kulang pa pala. Sa aking regular self-analysis-slash-pakikipag-usap sa sarili,na-realize kong ang layo ko pa sa goal ko. Ito nga pala yung ilan sa mga bday resolutions ko,hihi: (1) Pray hardest. Sabi nga ng best friend ko,dapat ang prayers ang first option at hindi last resort. Kaya yun,ile-level-up ko pa ang aking spiritual journey. (2) Read more,write more. Well ganun lang naman talaga ka-simple eh. Kung mas makakabasa ako ng mga necessary inputs,magiging sensible din ang aking writing outputs. Same thing holds true kung mas makakabasa ako ng mga positive insights,mas makapagsusulat din siguro ako ng mga inspiring articles. (3) Choose NOW. Yun na,haha..basta….hehe.

Bday Wishlist:

Sa totoo lang napaka-ambisyosa ko. Kung tatanungin mo ako kung anong gusto ko. Sasabihin ko ultimo design,shape,color,size,hahaha..oo ganyan ako ka-specific. Pero for the past three years,pa-simple nang pa-simple ang bday wishes ko. Ngayong taon,wish kong: (1) Umulan. Well,rains never fail to save my day,all the time. Pero wag namang babagyo ha,hehe. (2) Makapag-retreat. Kahit self-retreat lang na simple,in a sanctuary. Sana nga matuloy ako bukas eh,hehe. *crossing fingers* (3) Finally start with a diary. Napre-pressure kasi ako every year,pero para maiba,I’ll start it with my bday,hehe.

Ayan nagiging boring na naman ang posts ko,kasi very lengthy…hahahaha. But,to sum things up. I just want to share how blessed I am…I don’t have a perfect life..nor the situation one will dream to be at…But I’m just so thankful how He enables me to see,believe and testify that,’Life is beautiful thing’,for I am His favorite.

(Hahaha,ang drama ko na..pero swear,medyo teary-eyed na aketch..hihi..kasi Saving Grace by Hillsong United pa yung pinapatugtog ko ngayon. So yun..ang daldal ko na…hehe..)

  • 23rd July
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Little by little

'Big things come in small packages.',as they say. 'Great things take time.',that's the way I believe.

I must admit then,the past three years can be summed up to series of tragic down falls. Melancholic at its finest,as some see it. But,life must go on,and indeed,those days were not the end for me. So I stood up,kept on and continued living until now,with bigger dreams,broader perspectives and stronger faith.

I’m happy to share how simple achievements of mine have been motivating me so much. I had finally got back to my at-least-one-movie-a-day-habit. Likewise,I had also caught-up with my drama series. Thanks to today’s technology,I had dumped that guilty-pleasure-drama-marathon. It’s 100 times better watching my favorite dramas via live streaming or downloading subbed episodes. Like what I has said before,these things are not merely for leisure,yet for certain aspirations to create at least one in the near future. :D

Approximately,in less than 36 hours,I’ll be a teen no more,yet will still look like one,hehe. That really makes me so excited to celebrate how blessed I am for two decades. But at the same time,it also makes me pressured to be where I am supposed to be at and to be the one the world is expecting me to become.

Nevertheless,little by little,I’ll surely get there.Little by little,I’ll be that one. Though Him,in Him,with Him,I’ll be…

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  • 19th July
  • 19

Birthday Treat

I had never talked much about my birthday until now. I had never been so excited and a bit nervous for that big day until these days. And July 25 would never be like that memorable until this year.

Even weeks before July, I have been thinking it over and over again if I’ll pursue with my birthday treat or not. Considering the fact that not everyone is interested with one’s personal life unless you’re a celeb or a world-of-your-own-famous, makes me unease about it. Good thing then, none has yet asked about what I’m doing,where I came from, or anything else (perhaps because,I’m not really interesting at all,hehehe) But then, going back to my life-term goal, ‘Tell the world that life is a beautiful thing.’ ,I’ll take both the risks and joy in sharing my life story.

For countless of times I had said that the only thing I feel confident of sharing about is my life, the most precious gift I have received. Unlike the typical re-blog-this-plus-domain-give-away, or have-this-gadget-promo posts, I’ll be celebrating my birthday here on tumblr with a testimonial of faith, hope and love.

A lot can entertain. Several can amaze. Others can lead and rule. Yet only few can inspire. Since I always do things the Janyx ways, I’ll take the road not often taken. As I turn 20 (yet still looks younger than my age,hahaha),let me write about a mini-autobiography-documentary-inspired article.

I’m not really after for anything in return, I just feel so blessed and obliged to give back for the greater glory of God, as simple as that. My heart is so filled with gratefulness and I desperately want to pass the magic of optimism and courage to everyone.

Oh dear, few more days to go!

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  • 17th July
  • 17

The Attic Blog

One of the great things I look forward every Sunday is the chance to re-unite with my closest friends. Commonly,we would meet up after the mass and eventually catch-up with what we’re into,how we’re doing and talk about various stuffs and of course about people. (hahaha)

Unlike me,my friends are non-bloggers. They don’t tweet as much I do each day. Even if they want to,they can’t create and update a blog,for they’re really serious with their acads (which makes me so proud of them).

So for the past weeks,I share a lot about blogging,both of those good and not-so-good-things here. I also tell about bloggers who both inspire me and even those who… (never mind..hehe). My friends have been supportive about it. They know that it’s a dream come true for me (which I will let you find out in 8 days..).

While relating all those blogging stuffs,my best friend sensed how in some sort ways,blogging has been a challenge to me. He knows me well. Thus,even without me explaining,he understands how I desire to blog the very special way possible. Suddenly,he butted in,'Why not make your blog like an attic?’. Me,startled with his another-intellectual-advice replied with curiosity,'What's with an attic?' Then he took a deep breath,moved closer and explained,'Di ba sa attic,you just place all the most important things there. Parang sa pagblo-blog mo,i-post mo lang yung sa tingin mo ay importante.' Those words simply blew me away. I just ended the topic with a heartfelt,'Thank you so much.'

It might had ended there. But the influence a non-blogger imparted to me is so dynamic,that even up to this moment,I’m still wowed by that. I so love the concept of making my blog like an attic. Since this is simply a leisure activity,I want to share a little of everything which during the toughest times from the real world,my blog will serve as an attic,wherein I can unwind and relish re-reading my previous posts. Afterwards,same attic blog will be a solace avenue in which I can be more motivated to testify that life is a beautiful thing.

By mere talking about those old issues here is so tiring indeed. Perhaps this has been I’ve been waiting for,a turning point in my blogging life. This will be surely tough,especially in a blogging platform dominantly influenced by an existing social culture. Nevertheless,as long as the desire burns within me to make my blog like an attic,I’ll go on. Even if it may take days,weeks,months or years,I’ll still pursue with that. I can’t explain much to convince other bloggers,yet for those who share the same tumblr sentiments,hopefully,sharing this will help.

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